Our Mission, Values, and Vision

Our Mission:

Nurses for Newborns provides a safety net for families most at-risk in order to prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect by providing in-home nursing visits which promote healthcare, education, and positive parenting skills.

Frequently asked questions about our mission:

How do we assist families?

Pregnant mothers and families with young infants are referred to NFN from area hospitals, physicians, and other providers.
For more information, go to:  How to Receive Services.

Families receive services in their own homes by registered nurses who are experienced in mother-baby health and who are trained in the NFN model. In addition to direct teaching and support, nurses connect families with needed resources.
For more information, go to:  What We Do.

Who do we serve?

NFN strives to serve any family in our service areas who needs support around the birth of their baby.
For details, go to:  How to Receive Services.

How long does NFN provide services to a family?

We begin services during pregnancy whenever possible. Once the baby arrives, visits are more frequent. Families are served anywhere from a few visits to 2 years, depending on need.

Our Values:

Nurses for Newborns  serves its public by pursuing a values-driven agenda based on Stewardship, Justice, Respect, Integrity and Excellence as implemented by NFN staff, board and volunteers, and as defined below:

  • Respect: Interact with the community and the internal team in a way that honors the dignity and importance of each person.
  • Stewardship: Maximize the gifts of time, dollars and talents that serve the mission, and to be accountable to these gifts.
  • Justice: Serve the community without prejudice and with a commitment to inclusion and support of historically underserved members of its service area, working to end racial, geographic, social and economic inequities.
  • Integrity: Hold the trust of those it serves and those who serve as sacred, to act with fidelity to the NFN mission at all times, and to conduct business with transparency to its community, funders and partners.
  • Excellence: Employ a rigorous program of continuous quality improvement that incorporates evidence-based practices in all aspects of agency leadership, nursing practice, staffing, policies and procedures.

Our Vision:

Families of all babies will receive the healthcare, education and support they need so that every baby will be healthy, safe and nurtured in their home and able to fulfill their full potential.

How to help…

At times, we provide families with critically needed baby items. We maintain a donation bank with clothes, toys, diapers, blankets, Pack ‘n Plays and formula. The donations come from community baby showers, school groups, churches and individuals. Volunteers get donated items ready for families.

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