Outcomes and Annual Report

Nurses for Newborns was founded to prevent emergency room visits for infants only days old, just released from the hospital. Once our nurses began visiting clients it was clear there was a larger need in the community and nurses became case managers helping parents with their own medical needs and assisting families find needed resources.

To measure our success we record when clients contact agencies referred by our nurses, how frequently and for what reasons infants are taken to the ER, how many babies are up-to-date on their immunizations, as well as other goals listed on our sidebar.  Through regular in-home visits nurses evaluate the health of both baby and caregiver, use screening tools to ensure infants are properly reaching age-appropriate milestones, and teach parents how to care for their child. Nurses chart their entire visit using a customized database storing electronic medical information. This database makes it easy to compile our outcome numbers and report back to our funding agencies.

We at Nurses for Newborns are passionate about our mission. We know we make a difference in people’s lives and this is shown in our outcomes. Every so often a former client will contact one of our offices wanting to thank the nurse who held her hand during her darkest days and to share how much her life has changed. The numbers can only tell so much of the story, the real impact is much more far reaching.

To view the latest Annual Report:

Nurses For Newborns is committed to responsible stewardship of both public funding and private donations. To view our 990 tax form and other financial information in more detail, please visit GuideStar (for Missouri) and Giving Matters (for Tennessee).

Select Program Outcomes for FY15*

  • Children Not Abused 99%
  • Immunizations Current 85%
  • Children Without Injuries From Household Safety Hazards 95%
  • Children Without Inappropriate Emergency Room Visits 91%
  • Children Without Preventable Hospitalizations 94%
  • Utilization of Community Resources 55%
  • Children With A Medical Home On Last Visit 99%

Known Risk Factors for FY15*

  • Medicaid Eligible or Uninsured 71%
  • Single Parent 66%
  • Less Than 12 Years of Education 23%
  • Unintended Pregnancy 38%
  • Drugs 16%
  • Alcohol 4%
  • Mother with Medical Issues 30%
  • Infant with Medical Issues 41%
  • History of Pregnancy Problems 13%
  • Psychological or Social Issues 35%
  • History of Abuse 14%

*Outcomes and Risk Factors in the above tables are averages from both Missouri & Tennessee locations.