About Nurses for Newborns

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At Nurses for Newborns, we believe that every baby should be as safe and healthy as possible and their families strong and confident in their care.   Healthy pregnancy and infancy build the foundation for a lifetime of wellness. When babies are born too early or too small or in rough conditions, the dream of a healthy, vibrant life can be shattered before they have a chance to have a first birthday.

Nurses for Newborns was founded over 20 years ago by a nurse who was frequently called to the emergency room to re-admit babies who had completely preventable illness, many times near death. By providing registered nurses and using our proven program model of home visiting, we are literally saving babies’ lives and giving them a chance to grow. We provide services to babies who are born with medical problems, born to teen moms or to mothers with disabilities/mental health concerns, or who are born into families who do not have money for even basic necessities.

We currently serve families in eastern Missouri and mid-Tennessee. Families may receive services for up to 2 years and are not charged. Our work with families is strength-based and is designed to support and encourage expecting and new parents. In addition to medical care, we assist families whenever possible with donated materials needed for safe care, such as diapers, formula, baby food, clothing, bedding, and Pack ‘n Plays. We welcome hundreds of volunteers each year who help us manage the logistics of this work.

We are so grateful that you share this journey with us –one of hope and promise for families who need a helping hand at a very critical time in their lives. Together we can make a difference!

Melinda Monroe, MA
Chief Executive Officer
Nurses for Newborns