It appears users are finding their “groove” in using Levana – this is a good thing. The panic in your voices have settled and everyone seems to have embraced our new baby Levana.

Barracuda VPN is up and working again!

A new offline form is available and you may start arranging times with me (Dorene) to install it on your computers.

Scoring on ASQ’s have been fixed. Several people are having problems finding certain ASQ’s. We have checked, they are all there. If you’re scrolling through the lists and don’t see what you’re looking for then you will need to do a search. For the ASQ’s type in either ASQ3 or ASQ-SE and the entire list will display. Actually using search is the fastest way to find any instrument or screening.

We have been sharing a good deal of information through these emails and are receiving positive feedback, yet we are getting lots of questions where we wonder “did you read the email?” We are trying very hard to maintain transparency in what has been accomplished and what is still in the queue. If this is not the best method to do so or if it is merely clutter in your mailbox, then we can find a different medium. Unfortunately, we are getting redundant questions and this is slowing down our progress.

Calls and texts about Levana are like sending a baby to the ER. Please make sure it’s an emergency – you’re in the visit and the screen isn’t opening, or the hot spot died, or Excel is asking for a password. The bulk of questions and requests, however need to be sent through email ( Sending an email allows Angie and I to share the load, forward the problem in its entirety to the programmers, or print out for triaging.

Thank you for your patience.