We’re getting lots of great feedback from you and it is really making our day. Thank you!

Today we focused on larger projects as everyone seems to be figuring out their own flow. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect and please continue to report issues as you see them. Now is the time to get these items noted, even if you think it’s trivial. We have have the pro’s available to us this week so make your lists, take screen shots, and send them in. What makes it easier for us to troubleshoot is if you include a case ID whenever possible.

Today Angie worked on making case list views more useful, such as adding last date visited. She also figured out how to make caregiver access work for you – if you come across a caregiver that won’t open up, send us a message. I’m working on getting the visits created from the offline forms. This means you’ll see appointments from last week popping up – they’re not complete and I think this will take a couple of days to iron out. I’ll let you know when you can get in and make edits.

That’s it for today from the Lavana Command Center!