Good afternoon Levana Users!

As day 4 of roll-out comes to a close, I am pleased that the number of new issues has seemed to have subsided. We are still working through the overall list, but are making progress every day. Below are some key modifications, a request for users and new noted issues we are working through.

Todays addressed issues:

  1. Addition of new visit type options for the CHW group (Interpreter and Phone visit)- now available in drop down
  2. Addition of new nurse caregiver contact option (weight check)- now available in drop down
  3. Clean up of known duplicate appointments from the first few days of roll-out (please note, these were user errors)
  4. Modification of pregnancy section of case tab- specifically Delivery Outcome now has all the options that were available in ARTIE
  5. Time sheet detail buttons on the time sheet are now working for all users (these buttons will take you to a nice summary report with more detail than the time sheet itself contains)
  6. Infant insurer “homestate” not available via lookup issue resolved- home state is two words in Levana, so simply search “home”
  7. Care plans were de-duplicated and a de-duplication “job” has been scheduled for every hour (so if your assessments trigger the same risk/care plan item, within an hour the system will have merged them so you only get one entry in the care plan)
  8. Clean up of assignment issues (some of you were “unassigned” to the case, but still marked as active, so the case kept showing in your case load. This should have been fixed at this point
  9. Continued creation of offline documentation from last week- hoping to transfer data tomorrow and Monday
  10. Appointment modification- when you make an appointment, instead of defaulting to “caregiver contact”, it now defaults to a blank. You still must tell the system if you are performing a visit, caregiver contact or missed visit. However, when you go to the services list, you will see that those that have not been modified will be blank- a good indicator that you need to update the service type.

User request/notification

  1. Now that we are live, we are going to start tweaking the offline submission process toward its final state. The first step, is to make sure we have a service and service ID for the automated upload). Your part in this is as follows:
    • When completing an offline visit (using excel sheets): Once you are back online (e.g. tonight at home), be sure to go into Levana and create the service (make the appointment, if it isn’t already made) and add your note and the service start and end date and times. Then return to your excel sheets (BEFORE loading them onto the NFN server) and add the service ID and case ID.
  2. When reporting an issue, please be sure to provide the case ID (at a minimum the caregiver name) and any other details that help us find where you were in the system when the event happened. Ideally, if it is NOT an emergency, send this information in an email, as it is less likely to get lost in the “text message” shuffle and is easier to quickly forward to MMG for assistance.
  3. When texting, calling or emailing Levana (which is really Dorene and Angie), please be patient as we are frequently working with others. Some issues are higher priority than others, so we are triaging them as they come in.

New issues:

  1. We have noted that when you do your first visit in Levana, the answer history from ARTIE is not showing when you hover over the tiny clock in the assessment. It is working if you have new data entered into Levana (e.g., if you are at a second Levana documented visit, the data from the last visit shows). MMG (Mission Matters Group) is working through this issue as I type and we should have a solution soon.
  2. The manner in which you are able to see long-term history of assessments and instruments (by going into previous visits) has been identified as not user friendly. I am working on a series of quick buttons that will bring you to a report that has “trend” data for you to peruse (e.g. all blood pressures documented for a given case). I hope to have these active tomorrow
  3. A few of you have had a problem where you have closed a tab or a window before hitting SAVE. A request was made for the system to put up an alert that reminds you to save prior to you closing the window. This is a bit beyond the scope of the tweaking and modifications we have made thus far and would require some coding changes- at a cost to the agency. We are asking for a quote of the cost so that we can see if it is something we can attempt to address now or if it is something that we will have to hold on until version 2 of the system.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, as it is helping us to create a better final product. Based on yesterday and today’s comments, people are feeling much more confident in their skills and the system as a whole!