We made it! One full week and our system is working. Home Visitors are successfully creating and entering visits and timesheets, and supervisors are assigning staff to cases. We still have a wall filled with post-it notes of fixes yet to be addressed, but we will get to them very soon.

It is, however, time for us to close the Command Center, but the Levana phone and email address will remain active. Angie and I will continue to trade off monitoring the phone until the first of the year at which point we will assess if there is still a need.

Today was filled with a lot of one-on-one assistance. Eventually everyone will feel more secure with the system and these sessions will decrease. During this time Angie was able to get Time Sheets to display Caregiver Names with the associated service time. She also got the Protective Services worker and phone number to display on the case.

I did not get to be in the Levana Command Center for most of the day as we wrestled with wifi connectivity in the St. Louis office. Good news, wifi is up!

I am continuing to work on the offline forms. Over half of the people who submitted assessment questions during blackout week should have visit shells created. For those of you who also saved notes to the shared drive, I was able to associate them to the appropriate visit and pasted them in for you. If you see these visit shells feel free to adjust the start and end times and update the note. You may also click Submit for Approval even though the assessments have not yet imported in – I’m still working on that portion.

On Monday we will need to return to our desks and start tackling the other portions of our jobs that were set to the side for Levana’s grand entrance. This has been an incredible journey, much much much different than our last database rollout. We have a system that works and users that aren’t angry – WHEW!

Angie and I have been overwhelmed by the support everyone has been giving us. Your words of encouragement, kindness, and humor have been so welcome during a very hectic week. A huge shout-out to the “Levana Cheerleader Team” who decorated the office and then each day this week brought in special snacks. THANK YOU! We really needed that!

Everyone enjoy your weekend. We’ll start back in on the list on Monday…