Hi all-
Another day has come and gone and we continue to tweak and work in Levana. The items that are left to tweak take more time than the one’s from last week, as they are more systematic. Today there were a lot of questions about using the system and some reports of known issues (though they have helped us narrow the field as to why some of the things are happening). Most of them were user questions as opposed to issues, but any issues or failures have been noted and are in the queue. Dorene will be back in the office tomorrow, and so we should be able to split up the user calls/questions so that we will have time to begin to work on reporting from the system. I am also confident that MMG will have a few tweaks (e.g. time sheet fixes, caregiver access fixes) for us tomorrow as well.

Please remember that when reporting it is best to include case ID (and or Service number), dates and any other information that will help us quickly access the information you need.

Thanks and happy computing!