Hi all-
We did not have any NEW issues occur today (that I am yet aware of) and continue to work through those from last week. However, I did get quite a few of the same question today, so I thought I’d send out a mass message to all users.

How do I see my caseload?
After much feedback last week, we have created a couple of different ways for you to view your CURRENT ACTIVE caseload. You can click on the My case load tab at the top and it should forward you to your case load. Another option is to go to the “staff assignments” tab (some users may not have access, but it can be granted if requested) and in the list view box choose your name. The list view box is the little drop down box on the top left of the window that says “view” next to it .

Why does the Levana phone have a message from Kim Paronish on it?
We repurposed Kim’s phone and I have changed the message so you know it is getting through to Levana. Also, please note that the reception in the office is NOT great, so there are time the phone doesn’t ring, but suddenly there is a voice mail. As a result, if it is an emergency and no one answers, call the office and ask for Dorene or I.

Assessments are slow to load, why?
Assessments load as fast as your connection to the internet allows. If you are in a basement or someplace with a weak signal, they will take longer. If it is taking too long to complete your work, feel free to use the offline assessment form (excel sheet).

Where can we assessments and screenings that have been completed?
The answer to this depends on if you are talking about old assessments (from previous visits) or current ones (ones that you are completing right now). For the latter, if you scroll down below where the note goes in the service, you will see a list of assessments. These are the ones you have completed and submitted to the system.
For the former, right now you have to go into each individual service to see what was done. We are working on creating some dynamic reports to make this easier and faster, but can only work on these as time allows (we have to address immediate and emergent issues first). If there is a specific report you would like or you have an idea for layout, please feel free to send it to me (e.g. a vitals report that shows all BP, temps, weights, etc over time).

As we try to accommodate the needs of all 60 users, we appreciate your patience and understanding.