December 15, 2017


SALES FORCE WILL BE DOWN ON Sunday NIGHT FROM 7pm – 9pm for system upgrades. You may view, but cannot do any data entry during this time. This is not Levana, but the entire system, everyone in the world using Sales Force.

In an effort to reduce the flurry of emails you have been receiving from us, Levana updates are going to be once a week unless something urgent pops up. We’re doing this to help decrease the clutter in your inbox, but also because our efforts are now focused on larger projects that take multiple days to resolve – there just won’t be anything new to report on a daily basis.

The big item everyone is concerned about at the moment is TIMESHEETS!

Make sure you SIGN OFF on your timesheet by clicking SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL. This needs to be done by Sunday night (remember Sales Force is down from 7-9pm). Do this after you have opened the timesheet and double checked everything is there and is correct.

We found a calculation error in timesheets requiring a system-wide update. We also have several reports of other sporadic errors. A new field is now available that allows you to mark a time entry that has an error. This will send an email to so Angie and I can review and hopefully fix it rather quickly.

This is a screenshot of the new field

Close up:

Another system update is dealing with conflicting address histories. Thank you everyone who sent us case ID’s so we could track down the causes. The update will not fix everything so some of them will still need to be corrected manually – check that the old addresses have start/end dates and the current address only has a start date.

A couple of people are reporting areas where they expect to have cell service but don’t, particularly in urban and suburban areas. If you can give me exact addresses or cross street intersections then I will pass that information onto Sprint. Just a reminder about the care of the device, turning it completely off overnight will help it reset and update when it boots up in the morning. One nurse reported 57% battery after being charged for several hours. After she restarted it was 100%.

Thank you everyone. Your patience and willingness to work with us in resolving the issues has been tremendous. It’s been a lot of work and more is to come, but we’re seeing the results. By the way, we love hearing how much everyone likes Levana.