Hi all!
Over the weekend we have received several notifications that the addresses for cases look strange. For example, the case has only every lived at one addresses, but there are three on file with the caregiver. Almost always this has led to us noting that the caregiver had more than 1 case. When that happens, all addresses associated with either case are brought over and listed under the caregiver, with the most recent being selected as the “current” address. As a result, sometimes you will expect to only see one address, but if you count in the three from their first NFN case, they will show 4.

Please remember that ARTIE only allowed you to see data associated with each individual case and only information that was three years old or less. Levana does not have these restrictions, so you should be prepared to see some “new” information.

While we understand the why of the issue, we still need you to have a correct address on file. So, if the final current address is not correct, please let us know and we will investigate/correct the issue (usually there is a date problem).

This issue is likely going to come into play when it comes to mother medical history and phone numbers as well, especially where they do not match between cases.